Video Camera Systems

Surveillance Technologies will plan, design, engineer and integrate a system that provides comprehensive surveillance coverage. Our systems enable you to access, analyze and act on critical information. We will work with you to design a new system or upgrade your current system to the latest technology. Our solutions include high definition IP cameras, HD cameras, PTZ cameras as well as digital and network video recorders. These systems have remote view capability from your smart phone, Ipad or computer. We provide training and support to ensure that your system is meeting your security and surveillance needs.

Things to consider before you buy a camera system:
  1. Focus on what issues you are having and how a camera system can address those issues effectively. We have years of experience and expertise across a wide variety of applications and can design a system that is specific to your needs.
  2. Place cameras to get secondary benefits. If you want to watch the front door, position a camera to view the front door as well as the parking lot. Placing a camera on the production floor can not only deter theft but increase production and document accidents.
  3. Installing numerous IP megapixel cameras will significantly impact your bandwidth. A better option would be to run HD cameras over cable and post the DVR onto the net. This would allow you to only use bandwidth when you are logged into the system.
  4. Use wireless cameras as a last resort. The FCC has allowed the market to be in inundated with wireless devices that share the same or similar frequencies causing interference on your system.

Access Control Systems

An access control system provides you the ability to control the movement of people into and through a building, create schedules of when the building is accessible and a way to delete employees from the system. Our systems range from a single door system to 100+ door systems which can be managed onsite. As an authorized Keri dealer, we provide our clients the latest technology combined with quality installation and service. The cost, simplicity, expandability and reliability of these systems has made Keri a leader in the industry.

Access systems provide numerous benefits including:
  • temporary or restricted time access for customers and contractors
  • positive time of arrival information
  • facility and internal department access
  • simple programming with single or multiple authorization levels
  • programming and management via the internet